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Carbon PBT-tasterne baggrundsbelysning keycap for mekanisk tastatur 108 nøgler baggrundsbelyst gennemsigtig 0

Carbon PBT-tasterne baggrundsbelysning keycap for mekanisk tastatur 108 nøgler baggrundsbelyst gennemsigtig


Tags: gk61 tastatur, brugerdefineret keycap, keychron k2 pose, tastatur mechan, anime nøgle broche, center caps, gennemsigtig tasten caps mekanisk tastatur, kawaii keycap, tastatur keycap, keycap pbt.


SKU: w130747

TIL SALG!!!Produkt Detaljer: Tasterne, IKKE keyboards !!!

--- 108-nøgler ANSI-skinne passerer baggrundslys gennem baggrundsbelyst keycap.PBT-tasterne.

--- Carbon farve.

--- OEM .Kan placeres på de fleste cherry mx-switch serien tastaturer Tastatur foto kun til reference.

  • Model-Nummer: 104 PBT shine
  • Drift Stil: Mekaniske
  • Tastatur i fuld Størrelse: No
  • Type: Wired
  • Pakke: Ja
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Anvendelse: Antal
  • Produkter Status: Lager
  • Stil: STANDARD
  • Mekaniske Tastatur: No
  • Sprog: engelsk
  • Wrist Støtte: No
  • Mærke: NIZ
  • Tastatur Standard: 104 Nøgler

Bertrand Varoqueaux2007


I replaced my Keychron K8 ABS keycaps with this. It fits well and the sound and feeling of it is great. Its thickness is thick enough. However, the letter for black and orange keycaps are not as crisp as white keycaps. It looks foggy and inconsistent, so I am a bit disappointed. Anyway overall I am happy with it. Thank you for the good keycaps and if you can fix the letter quality on those colored keycaps, I think it would be worth to pay more.



A little over one month to reach Greece, but wow! This set is of really good quality! Someone else on this product's feedback left a comment about some keycaps being foggy etc. None of that on my set. They all work really great with my keyboard and look nice and crisp. Also, the packaging is of high quality, reached me completely intact. I would say, this is a must-buy if you like the color schemes that this set creates, and at this price, it's a steal!



These keycaps fit Cherry Mx or Cherry Mx compatible switches. The keycaps have a transparent base with secondary plastic casting forming the main key shape. The font used on the keys is professional in appearance and implemented with high quality. These look great when backlit and make it easy to find the keys in a darkened room. In short, I'm very pleased with these keys.